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I founded Chilly Dippers to help others experience the mental and physical health benefits of cold-water swimming.

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What does cold water swimming do?

Chilly Dippers was set up whilst I was at University in Edinburgh to encourage students to change up their routines and incorporate more of the outdoors. Cold-water swimming has been praised for relieving relative stresses and anxieties through the icy-shock, which provides a release of Endorphins (the happiness hormone) and an increase in Adrenaline. It's a space where your body hits the 'Fight or Flight' mode, sidelining all other problems to help you focus on how you will simply stay afloat. The sense of achievement I have from wild-swimming is something I wanted to share with friends who I had noticed were not dealing with the stresses of everyday life particularly well. The Chilly Dippers meet-ups in both Edinburgh & London are set out to create a space in which people feel comfortable trying something new and plunging themselves into the freezing cold.


- The icy shock forces your red blood cells to surface, helping to warm extremities and adapt us to the cold.

- It boosts your immune system by increasing your white blood cell count as your body is forced to react to changing conditions.

- It gives you a natural high - in its release of Endorphins & Adrenaline.


- It is a great way to reduce stress. Your body is thrown into 'Fight or Flight' mode, where all other anxieties are suppressed to the thought 'How will I manage this cold situation'? The cold captivates you fully and in this sense, offers perspective on other problems.
- It is a great opportunity to regulate your breathing to help you cope in a situation of stress.


- It offers a chance to push yourself in a totally different environment. Once you leave the water, (with a warm towel and cup of tea), you will look back at what you have just done with a great sense of achievement.
- Admittedly, it is not the most favourable thing to throw oneself into a body of cold water - but it will leave you feeling on Cloud Nine once you've accomplished it.

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