Eliza Elliott

Why not feel healthier? https://youtu.be/bUvZNpFLtGs

Well, my favourite day of the year is chilly dipping in a muddy bog in Llanwrtyd Well, Wales for the Rude Health Bog Snorkelling Championships. Yes - that’s a thing. But my real happy place is the Serpentine where my flat mate and I put the world to rights every Tuesday morning before work.

I’ve always loathed sports, but cold water swimming is the one exception. For me it gives me a moment to stop, forget everything whizzing around in my head and just focus on breathing, staying afloat and feeling alive. You leave the water feeling like you could take on the world and the day has barely even begun. That and I always finish each dip with a face-full of Pain Au Chocolate. No wonder I keep coming back for more…