Liv Sharron

My favourite dip:
North Berwick, East Lothian

My absolute safe haven when needing a break from my time at Uni in Edinburgh, North Berwick was only a 30 minute train ride away. 

If I were sitting in a lecture feeling overtired and stressed with work, I would just hop on a £4 train to North Berwick with my book, headphones and swimmers and spend a few hours away from Uni.

It was the perfect place for me to enjoy my own company, with no distractions. An idyl. 

It became somewhere I liked to share with my friends, and soon enough - Chilly Dippers was born!

I fell in love with how the cold-water and pretty wicked views was enough to help all outside problems subside as it gave me the space to clear my head. It sounds rather cliche, but it was definitely my secret saviour of a spot.