Mark Thomson

My favourite dip:
Loch Lubnaig, Callendar

I love to swim at Loch Lubnaig near Callander, mostly because if we are heading into the mountains, it’s the first real bit of wild looking countryside you come to. Usually mirror smooth due to the high hills surrounding it, it has a wide beach access and a generous shallow run in.

Peat water is also great because: 

1) It tends to hold its temperature better 

2) Your visibility is reduced so you can’t see the creatures you’re sharing your dip with! Other good spots are The Old Harbour at Tobermory on the Isle of Mull (pictured below), the dip pools at Glen Doll and the Kenmore side of Loch Tay (can get busy on a nice day). 

I love swimming as since I was a child it was a wonderful way to escape to my own world. Now as an ambassador for Glenfiddich whisky I am constantly in busy environments surrounded by people. Getting away into the wilds brings me back to a more grounded place. 

There’s something brilliant about that first plunge. The hit of cold, the cacophony of water rushing over your head then the moment of calm as you glide under the surface.